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Silence fallen by Patricia Briggs

Silence fallen is the tenth book in the Mercy Thompson series so this review contains ***SPOILERS*** of what happens in the previous books.  If you like to read series in order then don't read anymore of this review until you have read the other books in this series - a series that really benefits from being read in the right order.  I highly recommend reading Shifting shadows first too as the short stories will help you make sense of some of the characters.

The past few years have been a thrill ride for Mercy and her friends and family - it seems as though there is always a bigger (or badder) problem just around the corner, and some of the bad has been very bad indeed.  It seems as though life might finally be settling down for Mercy, Adam and the Pack, which of course means that disaster strikes when they least expect it!  When Mercy is in a car accident the last thing she expects is to wake up in a strange place on the other side of the world with her pack and mate bonds silent. 

Already trying not to panic, the last thing she needs is to discover that she has been rescued by a vampire with a fearsome reputation for getting anything and everything he wants.  With all her normal resources out of reach, Mercy has to look deep inside to find the courage and the strength to fight for herself - listening to the little voice of Charles in her head that tells her to take the chance to run for it while she still can.  Escaping from her temporary prison is only the first step though, because a coyote in the streets of Europe is very noticeable and makes a rather tempting target.

I love the Mercy Thompson series, not only because Mercy is amazing, but also because of the thoroughly believable world that Patricia Briggs has created.  Silence fallen was a nice change of pace for the series, which over time has grown to include a wider cast of characters and more complex storylines - which makes the series more appealing, but can also make the cast of characters seem like they are fighting for your attention.  With Silence fallen, Briggs appears to have taken a step to the side, choosing a story that is very much Mercy and Adam's story.  It feels like the series has taken a breather and returned to simpler times, and it was a thoroughly enjoyed treat!

There is a note at the start of the book from Briggs saying to pay attention to the comments at the start of chapters to help you keep track of the timeline, but I just didn't need them because the story unfolds so naturally and you get so caught up in the story that I stopped keeping track!  I was a little surprised that we got another Mercy story so quickly as I was expecting another book from the Alpha and Omega series, but I devoured the book in one sitting on Good Friday which made it a very good Friday indeed.  Now all we have to do is wait for the next book in the series (or in the world).

The recommended reading order is:

And to fill in the gaps there are some new (and old) short stories in:

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