Friday, April 21, 2017

Pegasus in flight by Anne McCaffrey

Pegasus in flight is the second book in the Talents of Earth series, and while you can read it as a stand alone book you will enjoy it more if you have read To ride Pegasus as this review contains some ***SPOILERS*** about the first book.

The world is crowded, and the sprawling city of Jerhatten is no exception.  The poor are crowded into massive Linears, buildings that soar high into the sky, full of tiny apartments where the residents have all the basics of life but very little hope.  Because of the over crowding there is a strict population law, each couple is allowed one child only, any other children are automatically classes as illegal citizens.  The residents of the Linears flout the law and continue to have child after child, raising them in secret and teaching them to distrust any authority.  In a world where every building soars into the sky the Centre of Parapsychic Talents of the North American Coast, set on it's sprawling grounds is a carefully guarded secret sanctuary for parapsychics registered with the centre.

The only hope for the future of Earth is the space station that is being built, a launching point for space ships taking colonists to new worlds.  It is a project that must be completed - no matter what the cost.  The fates are about to intervene in the destiny of the Talents of Earth once again, because a young boy paralysed in an accident has an amazing Talent - both in terms of the strength of his mind, and because he is both a powerful telepath and powerful telekinetic.  At the same time as the Centre searches for him, another youngster is showing her Talent in the Linears.  Although they don't know it yet both of them are in danger, and so is every parapsychic on Earth, because sometimes it doesn't pay to be the best at what you do.

Pegasus in flight is an enjoyable and thoroughly engaging sequel for To ride Pegasus, partly because of the change in focus and partly because it has a more traditional chapter structure than it's predecessor.  The change between the two books shows the amount of change and polish in Anne McCaffrey's novels over the years, and her ability to write characters that you really care about.  This is my favourite book in the series, and it was finished way too quickly!  Although I have read the book before it was a book that I got lost in almost straight way, and even though I knew what was going to happen I didn't care because I enjoyed the repeat journey so much.

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