Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Rebel by S.M. Wilson

Rebel is the sequel to The extinction trials and Exile, and while you can read it as a stand alone book you will enjoy it more reading the series in order.  This review contains ***SPOILERS*** if you have not read The extinction trials and Exile.

Life in Earthasia is becoming increasingly unbearable, food and other resources are becoming increasingly scarce and the population is growing more and more restless.  All the benefits gained from competing in the extinction trials mean nothing for Lincoln and the other survivors, they are all struggling to survive.  Lincoln's sister Arta has become increasingly well thanks to the medicine he brought back from Piloria, as have many others, but all those extra mouths to feed are placing increasing strain on an already stressed and depleted continent.  With unrest growing, Lincoln receives the rather cryptic message to prepare himself and those he loves to leave - and when the people turn on the government Lincoln discovers that a plan is in place to escape to Piloria.

Surviving the journey is just the start, Lincoln and his friends know about the dangers of the continent, but the rest of the new settlers are unfamiliar with the challenges they are about to face and make dangerous mistakes from the start.  Lincoln knows that he has to keep a cool head to keep himself and his family alive, but his heart is also desperate to discover if Storm and her father have been able to survive on their own.  When he discovered they are still alive it is only the start of their problems because Silas has come to Piloria with the rest of the settlers, and he wants to bring everything about Earthasia with them - including the dangerous and misguided idea of wiping out the dinosaurs.  Storm and her friends need to survive, but they also need to try and protect their new home and their fellow settlers.  With secrets and hatred in his wake Silas could end up destroying them all.

The extinction trials has been an interesting and thoroughly absorbing series that left me with itchy fingers waiting for each new book in the series to see what happens next in a world of danger and intrigue.  The characters have been built up over the series and become like old friends, and you can't help but get involved with the story when you see it through the eyes of the different characters and get sucked in by their emotions.  The fast pace and action make this an enjoyable series, and the complex and complicated relationships make it feel very real - as do the dinosaurs and other creatures that inhabit the world.  There is a lot to love here, and very little to dislike (beyond the odd character or two).

From reading the acknowledgments it looks as though this is the last book in the series which in some ways is disappointing as I have become rather attached to the characters and their world - but maybe there will be more books set in the same 'world' in the future.

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Reviewed by Brilla