Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gone by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Gone is the sixth book in the Michael Bennett series and follows on closely from the events in I, Michael Bennett.  This review contains ***SPOILERS*** for what happens in the Michael Bennett series so I highly recommend reading this series in order, and you really should read I, Michael Bennett before jumping into Gone.

The Bennett family have been living a completely different life for the past eight months, far from the bustling noises and bright lights of Manhattan - they are under the loving care of the witness protection programme on the far side of the country.  It is a peaceful (if slow) change of pace, and the kids are adjusting to the home schooling and farm animals way more quickly than Michael is - and Mary Catherine is fully in her element.  One morning the monotony is broken by the news of a coordinated attack against mobsters across the country - attacks carried out by fugitive Manuel Perrine.

Perrine may be a fugitive, but he is not in hiding, he is out for blood and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  He has begun a carefully orchestrated campaign against the people who have crossed him, the people who have refused to deal with him, and anyone else who gets in his way - and most of all he wants to make Michael Bennett and his family suffer.  Death by bloody death, Perrine is cleansing away his enemies and no one is safe - federal agents, police, DEA, informants, everyone is a target and his troops are ruthlessly efficient.  The body count is growing, and with his knowledge of Perrine Bennett is soon dragged into the case - exposing him to danger, along with his family.

I have been waiting for Gone for months, eager to see what happens next in the life of Michael Bennett and his family after the explosive conclusion to I, Michael Bennett.  Michael Bennett is probably my favourite James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge character, and I eagerly await each book to see what happens next for this brilliant (and very human) New York detective and his family.  Gone did not disappoint, and while I was somewhat sceptical about the whole "like a James Bond novel" tagline I saw somewhere, this is in fact a very tensely written novel that reads more like an adventure novel rather than a simple detective story - the armed forces are well represented, and there are some impressive arsenals involved on both sides.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Patterson and Ledwidge have an amazing writing chemistry, the story is seamless and well paced with well developed characters.  There are little twists and turns, and while I guessed some of the things that happened they didn't happen quite like I expected - a pleasant surprise.  I had to read the last half of the novel in one sitting after reading the first half during my breaks and lunch - it was just too good to put down.  This is a fantastic series and I can't help but wonder where Patterson and Ledwidge will take the series next.  Highly recommended.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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