Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rush by Maya Banks

Gabe, Ash, and Jace are best mates and run a very successful empire together - they also share a fiercely protective streak for Jace's little sister Mia, who they have all watched grow up.  The death of their parents left Jace responsible for raising the much younger Mia, and they have all watched her grow up, graduate college, and move into an adult life - but Gabe has watched her a little differently, not knowing that Mia has also had vivid fantasies about them being together.  When an opportunity arises for the two of them to explore those fantasies, it seems as though fate has intervened - but they are desperate to keep their relationship under the radar because if Jace finds out what Gabe is doing with Mia there will be all hell to pay.

Rush is a romance novel with a difference, a little bit more spanky with your hanky panky than your average Mills and Boon, but there is also more of a plot and real character development than you get with a lot of the BDSM books that are being published by the dozen at the moment.  This is not the first Maya Banks novel I have read, and once again I was impressed by the fact that she doesn't let her readers down, she takes the time to lay out a story and develop her characters - essentially it is a romance with some sex thrown in rather than a book about sex with some characters thrown in.  Rush is relatively "tame" compared to the other books I have read, and it is more likely to appeal to the "mummy porn" readers who have enjoyed Fifty shades of Grey than fans of more hardcore BDSM novels, but it was an extremely satisfying read.  

These novels are not to everyone's tastes, but if you have a little bit of curiosity and want to read a good BDSM romance then give Rush a try - it is what Fifty shades could have been in the trilogy had been refined and polished.  Rush is the first book in the breathless trilogy and is followed by Fever and Burn.

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