Sunday, September 29, 2013

A girl named Digit by Annabel Monahgan

You would think that having an unusual name like Farrah (named for the fabulous Farrah Fawcett of Charlie's Angels fame) would be enough of a challenge for any teenager, but Farrah Higgins also has to hide the fact that she is a maths problem solving machine from her friends the Fab Four.  Before they moved house and Farrah started at a new high school (where her math scores are strictly off the public record) she had the dubious pleasure of earning the nickname Digit because of her crazy mad math skills - a nickname and skill that slowly cost her friends and social status.

Years later she is happy living a secret double life, with her high marks hidden behind the facade of a normal teenager - that is until she discovers the numbers hidden in one of her favourite television shows.  Now Farrah is in the care of the FBI, more specifically the care of an agent who doesn't look old enough to have graduated college, let alone have a badge and a gun.  Secluded for her own safety, Farrah soon finds herself on the run with FBI agent John Bennett in a race against time.  They are under pressure and on the run - and it may just take more than a little Digit to save the day, but does Farrah dare let her out?

I had very low expectations for A girl named Digit, expecting a somewhat vapid or cheesy romp, but what I got instead was a vastly amusing comedy of errors with more than a little danger thrown into the mix.  Farrah is a quirky character (with more than a little OCD) who hides her super maths smarts behind a typical teen girl facade, desperate not to let Digit emerge and ruin her friendship with the somewhat shallow and vapid Fab Four.  All that changes when she makes a startling discovery and finds herself caught up in a conspiracy which brings her into close proximity with the very cute (and very young) FBI agent who you soon realise is more than a little interested in Farrah.  There may be a race against time, but there is also time for a little blossoming romance and life or death chases.  The romance is as quirky and cute as Farrah is, and I couldn't help cheering them on - and then there is the moment of OMG and the other moment of OMG.

A girl named Digit is fun, quirky, and action packed - a light read that had me laughing out loud (and not just because of the names of the chapter headings).  Some of the best parts of the story are when Farrah lets Digit out of the bag and just does her thing - and there are plenty of moments when you want to laugh out loud, and plenty of moments when you go "aha".  Great fun, and hopefully there will be other characters like Digit in Monaghan's future.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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