Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sandry's book by Tamora Pierce

An unlikely group of young people are brought together in a little cottage called Discipline - each of them has a unique knack for getting in trouble, trouble that seems to find them no matter how much they try to behave.  Sandry is a young noblewoman who nearly went made when she was locked in a room to protect her from a plague ravaging her home, only the glow she wishes into her thread keeps her from losing herself to despair.  Tris has been passed from family member to family member, only to end up at Discipline because strange things happen when she is upset.  Daja is one of the Traders, cast out because she was the only survivor when her family ship sank.  Finally there is the boy who chooses the name Briar, a twice caught thief destined for hard labour until he is rescued by the mysterious Niko.

Brought together from very different backgrounds the four are hostile to each other at first, especially when they are forced to live in the close confines of Discipline, but they slowly gain respect for each other and their new teachers.  What they discover at Discipline is not only a new kind of family, one where they are all accepted for who and what they are, they also discover that they are all destined to work with magic - magic of weaving, metal, plants, and the world.  Finding their feet with their magic is difficult enough, but when a series of earthquakes shakes the land it is a warning sign of danger that lies ahead for all of them.

Sandry's book is the first book in a quartet that was published with two distinct titles - one for the US market and one for the UK market.  Sandry's book is also known as the Magic in the weaving and is a perfect introduction to Sandry and her friends, and the world of Emelan.  Some Tamora Pierce fans are not fond of the Circle of Magic series, and the follow up quartet of the Circle Opens - but when pressed they can find it hard to say why.  Sandry's book seems to be written for a younger market than the Song of the Lioness series, and seems more mainstream, but is still a fun escape into a fantasy world where things don't end up how you expect them to.

Tamora Pierce has a knack for writing strong female characters, and Sandry, Daja, and Tris are no exception to this rule.  Emelan is an interesting world, and it was a nice escape from the other books I have been reading lately to return to an old favourite and enjoy catching up with the characters like they are old friends.  A relatively quick read because it is written for a 'tweens audience, I devoured the book in a few lunch breaks and I plan on sneaking the rest of the series in between other books so I can finish re-reading the series, and I may even read the next quartet because Battle magic is due for release this year so it is good timing to re-read all the books from the world of Emelan before diving into the newest book in that world.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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