Sunday, April 16, 2017

If you dare by A.R. Torre

If you dare is the sequel to The girl in 6E, and Do not disturb and while you can read and enjoy this book on it's own, you will understand more and enjoy more if you read the books in order.  I highly recommend reading The girl in 6E and Do not disturb first so there aren't any ***SPOILERS**** when you read the review for If you dare.

Deanna has settled into life with her boyfriend Jeremy, but it always feels like she is only one step away from losing control and taking another life.  He wants to draw her out into the world, become a normal person, but Deanna knows that deep down a killer is just waiting to come out.  When Jeremy starts pressuring her to come to a family dinner, Deanne pushes back, refusing to be drawn out of the safety of her apartment.  It places pressure on their relationship, as does her all consuming jealousy and rage when Chelsea from-down-the-hall starts flirting with Jeremy.

When Deanna wakes up with a broken nose and a bloody face she has no memory of how it happened - and that leaves her feeling unbalanced and wary.  What happened when she blacked out, did she kill someone?  When the Police come knocking on her door she tries not to freak out, but it soon becomes clear that something is very wrong.  Going into survival mode Deanna starts preparing for the worst, but she is till totally unprepared when she finds out that Jeremy has been stabbed and is in intensive care.  Did her worst fears come true, did Deanna just prove to be the danger she always thought she was?

This series continues to defy classification - part murder mystery, part sexually explicit romance, and part psychological thriller it messes with your mind and keeps you wondering what is coming next.  If you dare makes clever use of chapters, jumping around in time to keep the tension really high and keep you guessing about what is really happening.  This is the first time we really see Deanna at something of a loose end, as she has no idea about what happened to cause the broken nose and it leads to some interesting moments.  If you dare was a real treat, and I sincerely hope that there is more to Deanna's story as it has been a very enjoyable ride (even if I do have to describe the series as a guilty little pleasure!).

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