Monday, April 10, 2017

French twist by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

Detective Luc Moncrief may have left the bright lights and bustling metropolis of Paris for the streets of New York, but he is still a Frenchman at heart.  His partner, Detective Katherine Burke is strong willed, beautiful, and way too smart to fall for his charms - which makes her the perfect partner. 

When Moncrief and Burke are called to the mysterious death of a beautiful young woman in an upmarket clothing store they discover that she is not the first victim, there have been other woman who have also died under mysterious circumstances.  The only apparent connection between the women is that they are all young, beautiful, and wealthy.  The case is meant to be their top priority, but when old friends reach out to Moncrief he doesn't have the heart to turn them down.  His friends are receiving threats about Garcon, their race horse.

With his attention drawn to his old friends, will Moncrief be distracted and drop the ball on the case they are meant to be working on?  Moncrief may be a self assured (sometimes arrogant) French detective who likes to do things his own way, but he is starting to grow on his partner, and his work seems to make the streets of New York a little safer - and definitely more interesting!

Bookshots have a wide variety of books in the series - some tie in with other full novel series, while others are stand alone novellas.  French twist is part of the Bookshots series that also includes French kiss and The Christmas mystery

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