Sunday, April 23, 2017

The shut-in by James Patterson and Duane Swierczynski

Tricia Celano has a medical condition that basically means she is allergic to sunlight - so her daylight hours are spent holed up in her studio apartment.  Because of a fear of wandering at night she also doesn't go out at night, so she has become a shut-in over the past few years.  Everything she needs she can order online, and to get her fix of people time she uses her small drone to explore the world beyond her apartment. 

When she catches sight of a murder through the lens of her drone, Amelia, it is just the beginning of a dangerous game of cat and mouse.  Tricia is used to observing the world from a distance, but this time someone is looking back at Amelia and understands what the little drone means.  As the game of cat and mouse escalates, Tricia has to figure out how to stop the killer from adding her to their list - especially when the Police don't believe pretty much anything she has to say.

Bookshots have a wide variety of books in the series - some tie in with other full novel series, while others are stand alone novellas.  The shut-in is a stand alone novella which means you can dive in with no background and enjoy with no strings attached!  

I have read quite a few Bookshots, and this is the second one I have read by these two authors and they have a real zing when writing together.  Patterson is always a sharp writer, but pairing with Swierczynski adds a darker and more twisted edge that makes them delicious little dark treats to enjoy!

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Reviewed by Brilla

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