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Night broken by Patricia Briggs

Night broken is the eighth book in the Mercy Thompson series so this review contains ***SPOILERS*** of what happens in the previous books.  If you like to read series in order then don't read anymore of this review until you have read the other books in this series - a series that really benefits from being read in the right order.

Mercy has finally found peace with her role as Adam's mate and her role in the pack, an uneasy relationship that certain members of the pack test whenever they get the chance.  Not usually one for politics, Mercy is learning when to let things be and when to exert her authority as the alphas mate.  It seems as though she is finally getting somewhere, which is why it seems more than a little unfair that Adam's ex-wife Christy is coming to stay in the home Mercy has come to see as her own - there may be a stalker on Christy's heels driving her back towards the pack, but it is going to take very ounce of Mercy's patience and political skills to keep things on an even keel (for everyone's sake).

It doesn't take long for Christy to work her unique ability to manipulate people into feeling sorry for her, and Mercy finds herself an awkward outsider in her own home - and the worst thing is that anything she says has the potential to seem petty and narrow minded, even selfish.  Clenching her teeth and getting on with things will only get Mercy so far, especially when the stalker reveals himself and they discover that he is far from an ordinary stalker.  Somehow Christy has managed to attract the attention of a seriously dangerous supernatural being who is hell-bent on reclaiming what he sees as his - and for the first time the pack may have taken on more than they can chew.  Of course, because one challenges if never enough, Mercy also has the unenviable task of tracking down Coyote to retrieve something she left in his care - if she fails then the whole city may be destroyed by one very pissed off fae.

Night broken is another adictivbe read in the Mercy Thompson series, and I oncve again found myself trying to finish the book in one sitting so I could read without interruption - sadly work got in the way and I had to keep taking breaks to go back to work.  Briggs is a master storyteller who blends together elements of the mystery and thriller genres and neatly packages them into a fantasy world that mirrors ours but has a much more interesting "mythology".  Mercy is a strong character who has some pretty spectacular "flaws" (stubborn, pig headed, loyal, independent, and did I mention stubborn) but she is also incredibly loyal to anyone she considers part of her family.  Living with werewolves presents some interesting challenges for Mercy, and it is nice to see that she has finally found some happiness and contentment after so many dangerous adventures over the course of the series.  The relationship between her and Adam is not mushy and sickly sweet, it is instead a meeting of equals and partners who become better and complete around each other because they smooth each others weaknesses.

The turn of events in Night broken was not quite what I was expecting, but it fits well with the rest of the mythology and events of the series and opens the door for future storylines - I realise this is a little vague but it is nice to discover the little twists and turns for yourself rather than having a reviewer ruin it for you!  I was very satisfied with Night broken and found it easier to remember events of previous novels than I have with other series which implies the characters are sticking with me better than other series, although I did have a little trouble placing some of the lesser pack members (but luckily Briggs filled in the gaps).  As with other books in this series there are some seriously laugh out loud moments, and some teary moments, bound together with some serious fight scenes and mystery solving.  Bring on the next book in the series.

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