Friday, October 12, 2012

Wild tea cosies by Loani Prior

This month, I needed to knit a couple of tea cosies, and Wild tea cosies appealed because of it's um, wildness. These are not polite little tea cosies, minding their own business, just keeping tea warm. No. These are in-your-face statements of decoration and art. Yes, art! They are bright and beautiful and oh-so-tempting to knit... So, I did. The Carmen Miranda cosy on the cover. And it was so much fun to knit! And looks so wonderful completed.

You cannot be serious with this book - and it caters for those who adore knitting-in-the-round (like me), those who can only cope with straight knitting, those who crochet... But, some are so tempting you'll be prepared to break out of your comfort zone and try out something different. And, it's a tea cosy for god's sake!, so it doesn't really matter if you stuff it up. And, they're quite small, really, so not too intimidating for the novice / experimenter.

Other fab tea cosy books you might also be sucked in by are:
  • Loani Prior's other titles: Really wild tea cosies and How tea cosies changed the world.
  • Tea cozies 1, Tea cozies 2, Tea cozies 3 by Guild of Master Craftsman.
  • Techno cozies by Sue Culligan.
  • Coffee cozies by Guild of Master Craftsman.
  • Pretty little cozies published by Lark Books.
~ Reviewed by Thalia.

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