Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All wound up: the yarn harlot writes for a spin by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Knitting humour! Perfect for the knitter with a sense of humour, which I like to think I am...

I've enjoyed the Yarn Harlot's previous books - well, the ones I've read (which is most of them), so I was looking forward to this number - to read while having a break from the act of knitting.

In essays and ponderings, Pearl-McPhee shares personal glimpses into her life and knitting habits. By the end of it, I felt normal! And this, for someone who knits a lot, is reassuring. I now realise that my yarn stash isn't as bad as the Yarn Harlot's. But, there are similarities. I completely get her personal filters. You know, what you'd really like to say to someone, but what comes out of you mouth is so much more polite. And, I am completely with her when it comes to gauge. Gauge can be so aggravating that I don't usually bother with a swatch (gasp!)...

Thanks, Yarn Harlot, for letting me into your world - a world of dorky knitting people - so I don't feel alone.

If you like this one, try out:
  • The other Yarn Harlot books... trust me, if you've enjoyed one, you'll want to read them all.
  • Knitticisms-- and other purls of wisdom edited by Michael Dregni.
  • Book by Whoopi Goldberg. Ok, it's not about knitting, but it is also a collection of personal thoughts on various subjects.
  • Knits for nerds by Toni Carr.
~ Reviewed by Thalia. 

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