Friday, October 12, 2012

Charley's first night by Amy Hest, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Oh bliss... how could you not fall in love with little Charley, a puppy? Oxenbury's illustrations exude warmth and tenderness, as always, and are perfectly matched by the text of Charley's first night at home with Henry and his family.

There are accidents (oops) and Henry's parents' rules about caring for their new puppy. And, then there's Henry, who is obviously enamoured with Charley, and determined to be the best dog owner ever - to make Charley happy and at home.

I dare you to read this one and not go all soppy over it. You will say 'ooohhh' and 'aaahhh', and crinkle your nose in delight.

If you want more puppy delight, then try out these picture books:
  • Sleepy Pendoodle by Malachy Doyle, illustrated by Julie Vivas.
  • Hello, puppy! by Jane Cowen-Fletcher.
  • "Let's get a pup!" by Bob Graham.
  • The new puppy by Catherine and Laurence Anholt.
~ Reviewed by Thalia.

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