Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Away by Teri Hall

Away is the sequel to The Line and as such this review contains ***SPOILERS*** about The Line.  If you like to read series in order then stop reading this review now and read The Line first - however if you are not fussy about reading series in order then keep reading.

After crossing the Line, Rachel now has to face the dangers of Away, a place where there are strange creatures and people with strange abilities that are more than a little intimidating.  To make matters worse she has escaped from her side of the Line, only to find that there are people from Away who want nothing to do with her because she is a Reg, someone who has no special abilities.  It is also difficult for her to adjust to the world around her, a place that has not had any real technology since the Line was raised and the people on the other side were left to fend for themselves.  It seems as though she has traded one set of dangers for another with little reward, but then she finds out that her father is still alive, although he is no longer in the camp and there is a chance he may have been captured. 

Away continues the story of The Line with the same short, punchy prose and bared to the bones storytelling.  The storyline continues the story of Rachel, but it also weaves in other stories and new characters that make the story feel a little more "meaty", that it has a little more depth - the ending also leaves the distinct impression that there could be a third book in the series to come.  An enjoyable read, and a nice addition to the dystopian novel genre, particularly for readers who struggle a little to read massive tomes.

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