Thursday, October 4, 2012

The recruit: The graphic novel by Robert Muchamore with John Aggs and Ian Edginton

The recruit: The graphic novel is both an adaptation and an update of the novel of the same name.  James Choke is a troubled boy who gets into more trouble than normal at school, and who seems to be on track for a criminal record - much like his mum, who has things stolen to order for her "clients".  Life isn't easy for James and his younger sister Lauren, but they get by.  That all changes when James and Lauren come home to find their mother dead - and the siblings are split up. 

Just when it seems as though things can't get any worse, James wakes up to find himself in a strange school where no one will talk to him because he is wearing an orange shirt.  Things get even stranger when James learns that CHERUB is not your average school - the students are all training to be agents, because no one suspects the children.  If James completes his basic training he will become a CHERUB agent and have the opportunity to take part in missions where he could literally save a life.

This is one of the better graphic novel adaptations I have read, mainly because it finds a good balance between retelling the story with enough detail, but it also keeps the story moving along at a brisk pace.  I love the CHERUB series, mainly because the series doesn't treat its teen readers like they are idiots, and Muchamore doesn't dumb down his storylines.  This graphic novel adaptation should appeal to readers of the CHERUB series, as well as readers who have yet to enjoy a Muchamore adventure - and hopefully there will be more graphic novel adaptations as the series is really addictive and the graphic novels recognise that some readers struggle to get through the rather weighty tomes that make up the CHERUB series.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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