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Endlessly by Kiersten White

Endlessly is the last book in the Paranormalcy trilogy and as such this review contains ***SPOILERS*** about what has happened in the previous books.  If you like to read things in order without finding out what happens later then stop reading now because there are ***SPOILERS***.  If you have read the other books in the series then hopefully you will find the following review helpful.

Everything finally seems to be settling down for Evie, she has an amazing boyfriend who accepts her for who she is, and she is finally free of IPCA and all the things they wanted her to do.  She is living what could even be called a "normal" life, with normal friends who know nothing about who she really is, what she can do - and they have no idea about all the things that go bump in the night.  At times it has been a balancing act to keep "normal" Evie and IPCA Evie separate, and that balance is thrown out badly when the Queen of the Unseelie Court appears and steals Lend away when he pretends to be Evie.  This one moment throws Evie into an uncomfortable alliance with Reth, and an odd alliance with Jack.  Everything that once seemed so clear is now anything but, and all Evie knows is that to get Lend back she has to work with beings and people she can't trust.

Evie is being drawn closer and closer to her destiny, her fate, the creation of a gate.  Both sides want Evie to create a gate, but to do that she has to draw souls into herself and use the energy - something she has vowed to never do.  When strange things start happening with IPCA Evie must make a decision once and for all - will she be a puppet for those around her, or will she make choices for herself and live with the consequences?  And what price is too high for her to save those around her and the supernaturals who see her as their saviour - will she be able to make the sacrifices she needs to make?

Endlessly is the final book in the Paranormalcy trilogy, and Kiersten White has managed to pull off a bit of a rarity - she has managed to complete her series with an ending that is not too cliched, that has closure, doesn't finish too neatly, and that leaves you satisfied.  Across the series Evie has continued to grow, not only with the knowledge of who and what she is, but also in the sense that she has grown into her responsibilities and been able to make some rather mature decisions.  There are still times when you feel like shaking her and telling her to grow up, or when you can't help but roll your eyes because of something she says or does - but can you really blame her for the way she acts sometimes when she has so much pressure on her shoulders? 

This was a fun read and I enjoyed the blend of mythology, drama, romance, friendship, and reweaving of some of the classic fantasy novel characters.  White is a good author who doesn't cheat her readers, and hopefully there will be more books from her in the future.  Happy reading, hopefully you will enjoy the end as much as I did.

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