Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mine! by Jerome Keane and Susana De Dios

Fox and Horse are bored with nothing to do, and then an unusual object appears that looks like it could be fun - but neither of them wants to share!  With shared cries of "mine" they both try and take the object for themselves with an unexpected result.

Sharing or learning to share is one of the more popular topics in didactic picture books, presumably because a story about sharing is easier for children to digest than a lecture!  Sometimes books about sharing miss the mark because they are too serious or because the story is too long, Mine! breaks the mould by being funny, silly, and very short.

I loved reading Mine! because the story is short and easy, and because the illustrations are slightly abstract and very bright - not to mention the fact I loved the ending.  This is a vibrant and vivid picture book that will appeal to younger preschoolers because of the bright colours and simple text, and will appeal to older preschoolers because of the slightly abstract looking characters and the little twist in the story.

Loads of fun and a great read aloud for "that" conversation about sharing, as well as a fun and funky story for sharing with the special preschooler in your life.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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