Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dog days of school by Kelly DiPucchio and Brian Biggs

Charlie doesn't like going to school - it is just too much hard work.  Sunday nights were the worst night of the week, when he dreaded going to school in the morning - the start of another week at school.  His dog Norman seems to have it so much better, and one night Charlie finds the brightest star in the sky and wishes that he was the dog.  The nexdt morning Charlie wakes up on the floor and now his dog Norman has to go to school instead!

What starts off as the greatest thing ever soon turns out to be less than ideal - for Charlie and Norman.  Charlie gets to lie back and relax in the bed as Norman gets ready for school, a very nice change of pace.  Norman does well at school learning his letters and making sculptures, and Charlie does well watching the leaves and playing - but then things start to go wrong and Charlie begins to wonder if he made a mistake wishing to be the dog.  Will Charlie be able to reclaim his place in the family, or will he be stuck as a dog forever?

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Reviewed by Brilla

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