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In the end by Demitria Lunetta

In the end is the sequel to In the after so this review contains ***SPOILERS*** about what happens in book one.  If you have not already read In the end then I strongly recommend you do before picking up In the end as you really need to read this series in order.

New Hope was meant to be a safe haven for Amy and Baby, but instead it turned into a nightmare that Amy was lucky to escape - and worse still, escape meant leaving Baby behind.  Out in the world beyond New Hope Amy is safe from Dr. Reynolds but she is also on her own and tempting a fate worse than death if her defences against the Florae fail.  It is a risky existence, but Amy is safer in the wilds than in the tender care of New Hope - and Baby is safe.  Then out of the blue Amy receives a message from Kay in New Hope, Baby is no longer safe and her only hope is for Amy to enter Fort Black and find Kay's brother Ken.

Entering Fort Black may be as simple as walking up to the front door, but entering Fort Black and getting into Fort Black are two completely different things.  The people inside are suspicious of strangers - especially strangers who come from the outside world and refuse their "expert" medical attention.  Through a stroke of luck Amy crosses paths with Jacks, who takes her under his wing and helps her even though he doesn't have to.  It is just as well Jacks is around because there is a serious shortage of women in Fort Black, and with the population mostly made up of the criminals imprisoned there when it was a prison, Amy faces some very unwelcome attention.  Her one goal is to find Ken so he can help Baby, but Ken is harder to find than she imagined and the longer it takes to find him, the greater danger she faces.

In the end is the second, and final, book in the In the after series and it has been a thrilling ride from start to finish.  Demitria Lunetta may be a debut author, but she has produced a series that is both exciting and confronting - what would you do to survive in a world populated with Florae?  There is a lot to like here, especially if you enjoy adventure stories where the lead character is a butt kicking teenage girl who doesn't take any (ahem) grief from anyone.  The rest of the cast of characters flesh out the world but also help to make it more realistic and grounded - there may be some cliches but hey they are called cliches for a reason!  Amy is a genuine voice who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and who is fiercely loyal to her little sister and her friends.

There are underlying conspiracies and twisted loyalties that make you feel like the playing field is constantly shifting under your feet, which makes for an unsettling and at times nerve wracking reading experience.  While you could argue that In the after and In the end could have been one novel rather than two, forcing the series into one book would have meant shaving off parts of the story and reducing the tension between books one and two - making it a less enjoyable read!  This is a great series and hopefully we will have many more great reads from Lunetta in the future.

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