Friday, May 18, 2012

The way we fall by Megan Crewe

Kaelyn lives on a small island in Canada, it is a beautiful place and a far cry from the bustling city where she has lived for the past few years.  Being back on the island is a little awkward, but she is making a real effort to fit back into island life.  But there is a new danger on the island - a sneeze soon turns into a cough, which turns into a fever and a loss of social control, then comes the screaming, and finally death.  At first it is only a handful of people, but then more and more people come down with the mysterious illness - including Kaelyn's family and friends.  As the illness spreads the island is cut off from the mainland, and then as more people start to die disorder spreads as people watch out for number one - no matter what the larger cost may be.

The way we fall is told in journal format, which in many ways adds to the impact of this thought provoking and realistic look at what could happen if a super bug or mutated virus were to cause an outbreak in an isolated community.  Other stories have shown what life can be like in a dystopian society, but here you can see how it might come about.  The "swine flu" H1N1 epidemic that struck in 2010/2011 could easily have resulted in this kind of epidemic, and there are other diseases out there that could ravage whole communities and leave them in chaos.  While initially I found it a little difficult to get into this story I was soon deeply involved in the story and didn't want to leave Kaelyn and her world behind.  The ending is rather abrupt, but it works for the story.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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