Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Iris’s ukulele by Kathy Taylor.

Iris and her best friend, Sidney, are Masters of the Musical Universe, with big plans. Except, Iris gets into a pickle and it seems like her partnership with Sidney is over. And her behaviour hasn’t impressed the wonderful Elijah, specially with Iris doesn’t stand up for Sidney against the class bully. How can Iris unpickle herself? It’s easy when have a great family and real friends.

A fun and quirky read about identity and individuality, friendship and family, and what’s really important.

An impressive first book.

If you liked this one, try these other New Zealand children's fiction books:
  • Super freak by Brian Falkner.
  • Hollie Chips by Anna Gowan.
  • Super Finn by Leonie Agnew.
  • Through thick and thin by Shirley Corlett.
~ Thalia.

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