Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Every other day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Kali is your average teenager - except when she's not.  One day she is just like everyone else, living the teenage life of school, homework, and parental non-dramas - and the next she is a something else, something that can hunt the preternatural creatures like a bloodhound, who doesn't feel pain, and who can heal in a matter of hours from any wound.  She has gotten used to her topsy-turvy life of swinging from a fragile human to a supernatural creature that is more than a little scary, but she can't get used to not knowing what she is or why she is the way she is.

When Kali makes the courageous (and not necessarily well thought out) act of taking on a supernatural beastie to save one of the popular girls at school she has no idea that it will lead to some startling discoveries about who she is and what she is really capable of.  Along the way she makes friends with the school "slut", and finds herself forming an unlikely friendship with popular girl Bethany.  Her life goes from complicated and secretive to really complicated and not so secretive - a change that will place people in danger and will change her life forever.  Welcome to a world where we are not alone, and where the preternatural creatures that we thought were just figments of our imagination are an all too real.

Every other day is original, absorbing, and just a little bit creepy.  Kali is a fantastic, and very "human", lead character.  The world around her has a detailed mythology and a plausible explanation for pretty much everything (if I tell you too much more it will be spoilers), and there are clear "rules" that Kali knows so you learn them too through her understanding and perceptions of the world around her.  The supporting cast is also brilliant, particularly the relationship between Skyler and her big brood of brothers.  Bethany is also both the cardboard cut out snob from school, while also being a character that shows surprising depth and strength of character.  When I reached the end of the book I searched online to see if there were hints of a sequel but sadly there is none on the horizon yet - but hopefully Barnes will return to this world and write more adventures for Kali and her fellow cast of characters.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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