Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Unveiled by Courtney Milan.

Ash Turner is motivated by love and revenge. Margaret Dalrympe by loyalty. Ash is determined to prove Margaret and her brothers are illegitimate and, therefore, himself the rightful heir to the dukedom. Although Ash doesn’t know who Margaret really is, he is determined to have her, while Margaret’s secrets compel her to keep her distance.

An intriguing historical romance, with very flawed characters. Ash is one of three brothers – their stories are told in Unclaimed (Mark) and Unraveled (Smite). The brothers’ mother was a religious fanatic and named her sons after biblical verses. They are all wounded by her madness and abuse of them. The relationships between the brothers is also damaged, as Ash left the family home to make his fortune, leaving his brothers behind.

Meanwhile, Margaret is left by her brothers to fix the disaster their father has made of their lives – and inheritance. Disguised as her father’s nurse, Margaret is to spy on Ash, the usurper. However, her growing awareness and appreciation of Ash’s morals and past come into conflict with her brothers’ demands – and the realisation that her brothers’ action and intents are not pure.

The brothers are not your typical historical romance heroes: they are wounded men, with deeply-held convictions and beliefs, tempered by their mother’s insanity. You can feel Ash’s agony as he tries to built relationships with his younger brothers.

Margaret, fortunately, is not just a cipher – a passive receptacle of Ash’s passion. Hers is a more quiet strength, but is fully capable of withstanding, and supporting, Ash’s.

Give this one a go, and keep an eye out for the sequels. I have been.

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Reviewed by Thalia.

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