Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Parental parasite script by Kel McDonald; art by Yishan Li

One of the hardest things for Buffy Summers is keeping a monumental secret from her mother - she is the Slayer, the one girl in her generation who fights the demons and vampires.  She may have the strength and speed to fight the forces of darkness, but she also has to skip class to fight said forces of evil, and even if she isn't skipping classes she is falling asleep in them because she spends most of her nights patrolling. 

When her mother is called to the school, again, she decides that she and Buffy need to spend more quality time together - which is all good, except it's nearly impossible for Buffy to do her job as the Slayer when she is worried about her mother.  When a demon in the guise of a little girl enters their lives it means Joyce has no time for Buffy, but her attachment to the demon could cost her her life.  Buffy has to stop the demon before it's too late, and beside, a little sibling rivalry never hurt anyone - right?

Parental parasite is one of the three graphic novels that have brought the legend of Buffy the vampire slayer back to her school years - and it was a real treat to revisit this time in her life.  The storyline is short and punchy, but that was part of the fun.  Hopefully there are more graphic novels of this type coming because they were all great fun to read.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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