Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Earth children are weird by Jason Rekulak; illustrated by Kim Smith

Dana Scully and her friend Fox Mulder are camping out in a tent in the backyard - staying up late telling stories when Fox becomes convinced that there are aliens outside (after all, there are billions of planets out there and it would be crazy to assume we are the only one with intelligent life).  But each time Fox thinks he hears or sees proof of aliens Dana convinces him that he is hearing and seeing things ... but is he really?

I am a huge X-files fan and have watched the show and read as many books as I could get my hands on, and while the idea of a picture book did seem cheesy I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the book (once I got over the weird moment of seeing Dana and Fox reading X-files books at the beginning).  This was a fun little read, and while it will not be suitable for toddlers, children will enjoy the science fiction aspect if they are into that kind of thing.  The target market does appear to be adults who enjoy the show and it really hit the mark with all the adult fans I showed it to!

A great little read, and for the first time I am unable to recommend other books to try because I am not aware of any other television series that have done anything even remotely similar!  However, with the recent revival in the X-files I can recommend trying the young adult novels released earlier this year featuring teenage Scully and Mulder.  You might also like to read some of the adult novels, though considering the age of the series you may have trouble finding copies of some of them.

If you like this book then try:
  • Agent of chaos by Kami Garcia
  • Devil's advocate by Jonathan Maberry
  • X-Files: Ground zero by Kevin J. Anderson
  • X-Files: Ruins by Kevin J. Anderson
  • X-Files: Antibodies by Kevin J. Anderson
  • X-Files: Skin by Ben Mezrich
  • X-Files: Whirlwind by Charles Grant
  • X-Files: Goblins by Charles Grant

Reviewed by Brilla

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