Saturday, December 16, 2017

Buried secrets by Lisa Cutts

No one expected Detective Inspector Milton Bowman to die in a car crash on his way to work one Monday morning - him least of all - but that was exactly what happened in rather spectacular fashion.  When Detective Inspector Harry Powell heads over to Bowman's house to inform Milton's wife that he has died, the last thing he expects to find is Linda Bowman dead on the kitchen floor.  It's a double blow for Harry, who not only worked with Bowman, but also socialised with him outside of work.  Harry knows that Milton was no saint, but he is not fully prepared for the secrets that the investigation are about to uncover - although, seeing as he is pulled out of the investigation because of his relationship with both victims he really shouldn't know anything about the case at all.

It had seemed like a normal day for Detective Constable Hazel Hamilton, until she comes across the remains of the accident that cost DI Bowman his life.  With a senior police officer involved the case is bound to become a political circus, and with DI Powell sidelined because of his relationship with the victims everyone is treading careful and being extra careful to tick all the boxes and cover all their bases.  As a trained family liaison officer DC Hamilton is drafted into the role of supporting the remaining member of the Bowman family - their son Travis.  As the case develops Hazel will find herself stretched to the limit emotionally and professionally, because in what has to be the case of worst timing ever, she has discovered a spark between herself and DI Powell.  To close the case DC Hamilton and the wider team will have to sift through the facts, uncover buried secrets, and see through the smoke and mirrors - because nothing is what it seems with this case.

I have been on something of a British crime spree (pun intended) over the past few months, and Buried secrets is one of the true gems I have found - partly because the story is given quite a bit of weight seeing as it was written by a police officer.  This is a suitably layered and complex story, keeping you on your toes and guessing what might be coming next as you ride along with DC Hamilton and the team trying to untangle the mess of secrets and lies that give this story so much substance.  This is one of those fabulous reads that I will spoil if I give too much detail, so suffice to say it was a very good read and be prepared for twists and turns that make it interesting.  There are some very interesting and likeable characters to fall in love with, some delightfully sneaky and shallow people who you desperately hope will get their comeuppance, and some characters that make you appreciate what serving police staff go through on our behalf.

I have ordered other books by Cutts to see if I like her style across multiple books, or if it was only this story that captured my attention so completely.  A great addition to the British crime genre, and one that deserves to be read.

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