Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Glutton for punishment script by Kel McDonald; art by Yishan Li

Being the Slayer is never easy, especially in the modern age when you have to go to school and stay awake in class after a night of slaying.  Although she tries hard, Buffy always seems one step away from flunking, so when she has the chance to take some extra curricula classes for actual credit it's too good an opportunity to miss - so she signs up for a home ec class with Xander.  Home ec should be a piece if cake, except there is something not quite right about their teacher.  When the top students vanish, and Buffy comes across a strange tiger monster she realises that she has some extra curricula slaying work to do.  If only slaying gave her extra credit - she'd be top of her class!

It's hard to believe that Buffy the vampire slayer started twenty years ago, and that after all this time there is still so much to enjoy about, and connect with, for the series.  I have read quite a few of the graphic novels, and it was a pleasure to come back to the early years for the Slayer, exploring more of Buffy's time in high school.  Lots of fun to reconnect with the characters, and the funniest part is that even after all this time I can hear the character voices in my head when I was reading their lines - no wonder it's become a cult classic.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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