Sunday, June 26, 2011

Silence and stone by Kathleen Duey

Alida is a faerie child who has been locked in a cold stone tower for over 60 years.  She has le a lonely life, the only contact she has with people are the silent caregivers who leave her food each day - human food that does nothing for her.  One day she speaks to one of her caregivers, and he speaks back, beginning a friendship that will lead to her escape from Lord Dunraven's castle.  But the danger is not over, as Lord Dunraven has ordered that all faeries, unicorns, and dragons must leave his lands, and that no human is to talk to any faerie, or any faerie to talk to any human. 

Kathleen Duey is a master storyteller of short, intense reads for younger readers who want a little more from their stories, or for older readers who struggle a little with their reading but still want a good story.  This time the journey is into the world of faeries, but previously Duey has written about unicorns as well.  These are a fun read, and the illustrations have a lovely manga-ish feel that helps to bring the stories to life.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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