Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Locket By Stacey Jay

I loooooove time travel, I will put up with anything for a good bit of time travel BUT “Locket” spent 28 days hopping round my house. By hopping, I mean I would pick it up and put it down in different spots. I just could not bring myself to read it. My long-suffering partner even tried a few times to start reading it to no avail. After 28 days I finally returned it to the library with the first couple of pages having been read a couple dozen times and nothing else.

Here is a bit about the story. SLIGHT SPOILERS!!!

Katie is in High school and reckons she has the perfect boyfriend but despite all this goes about snogging her best friend. Of course said perfect boyfriend finds out and dumps her in a flash (wouldn’t you?). Miraculously Katie for her birthday got a locket that she discovers helps her to travel in time. So no surprise here she travels back two weeks to try to fix her mistakes and of course, the whole butterfly effect thing happens.

This book would have been an awesome idea if it did not revolve around a shallow, harlot of a teenager. When ever I tried to read this book it made my teeth hurt. Perhaps you will have a better go at reading it than I did.

One star from me


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