Sunday, December 22, 2019

Doctor Who: The thirteenth Doctor: Old friends

When you can travel through time and space, it should be no surprise that you will meet people you already know - though sometimes you will meet someone for the first time when they are old and grey, and meet them for a second (or more) time when they are younger.  It should also be no surprise when you end up in the same place twice - but you would expect to at least remember that you have been.  When the Doctor is accused of stealing something she doesn't remember stealing, she learns she was the obvious suspect because she is a Time Lord and their rather unique physiology gave her away - but the rest of the description doesn't sound like the Doctor at all, but it does sound like someone she knows.  

Making a break for it, the Doctor and her companions track down the Time Lord responsible - only to discover that (as usual) things are not straight forward and that they are about to face a new adventure.  Never one to shy away from danger, or to shy away from doing what is right, the Doctor and her family will face some familiar challenges before their adventure is over.

Another fantastic adventure for the Doctor and her companions, and like with many episodes across a season of Doctor Who there are some story arcs that blend The thirteenth Doctor: Old friends into the storyline from the previous three graphic novels.  Can't wait to read more of this series - hopefully my local public library will continue to buy them so I can keep reading them!

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Reviewed by Brilla  

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