Thursday, December 19, 2019

Doctor Who: The road to the thirteenth Doctor by James Peaty and Jody Houser

Doctor Who is one of those enduring characters that can be, and has been, enjoyed by generations of viewers and readers - thrilling, terrifying, and heart breaking in turn, it is a series that breaks down barriers and provides global connection.  The arrival of a new Doctor is always a chance to shake things up and head in a new direction, with each new actor bringing their own spin to this iconic character - and the graphic novel authors, artists, and colourists have new opportunities to bring their skills to this ever expanding universe.

Doctor Who: The road to the thirteenth Doctor was a real treat to read, not only because it leads up to the introduction of the new Doctor, but also because it is essentially a short story collection that connects past moments in the Doctors life and brings them to readers who have never seen them before.  The authors and artists have done an outstanding job of bringing the characters to life, you can really hear the voices of the different Doctors (at least I could), and the situations they get themselves into are exactly what the series would have shown if they had the chance.  

Loads of fun to read, the short stories were a fantastic reintroduction to the world of the Doctor, perfectly timed for the start of the next season of the show, and for the graphic novels about the thirteenth Doctor which I jumped straight into after this one.  Highly recommended, not just for the quality of the story, but also for the amazing artwork that brings the Doctors and their companions to life.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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