Saturday, December 21, 2019

Doctor Who: The thirteenth Doctor: Hidden human history by Jody Houser

The Doctor and her companions have found themselves on planet Earth during the 1500s in a place that is obscure and should be completely new to the Doctors companions - but somehow they know all about the time and place they have found themselves in.  The Doctor is puzzled by how they know about Guelder, but the discovery of aliens in the village soon distracts her from the puzzle.  When another hop in the TARDIS brings them to another time on Earth, another off the track time and location that the companions all seems to know about begs the question - how do they know about the times and places they find them in?  

The answer is surprisingly simple - there is a podcast that features the times and places that they have visited, and it seems that maybe the TARDIS has been listening to the podcasts as well (no matter what the Doctor seems to think).  As the Doctor and her companions slowly unravel the mystery of the podcasts and the connection to their own travels through time, they have no idea how close the connection will be.  

Another fantastic addition to the Doctor Who graphic novel universe - true to the episodes, and this could easily fit into the timeline of any series featuring the Doctor.  There are some clever little moments that bring the series up to date without dating it too quickly, and it was a wonderful escape into a familiar world with a new Doctor still discovering what she can do.  So much character and connection to enjoy, and hopefully there are many more to come from this team of writer/artists/colourists.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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