Sunday, June 9, 2013

The last elephant by Justin D'Ath

Twelve years from now the world will be a very different place - thanks to a deadly virus carried by rats which has simply become known as rat flu.  Rat flu decimated the animal population, only a few lucky farm animals survived thanks to a vaccination programme, but they are not the only animals.  The Lost World Circus is home to rare and exotic animals that survived the outbreak of the deadly rat flu and have since become a travelling attraction - and the biggest attraction by far is Lucy, the last elephant on Earth.  When Lucy catches the dreaded rat flu it looks as though it is the end for her, especially when the Rat Cops arrive and threaten to end the menace of the rat flu by ending Lucy!

Lucy's only hope is Colt, who was at the circus the night Lucy caught the flu, and was there when his mother was called to see Lucy because the circus vet is too scared.  Colt is determined to save Lucy, and with the help of one of the human stars of the circus he may just be able to pull off the impossible - especially when he discovers that he can do things that he really shouldn't be able to, things that are almost superhuman.

The last elephant is the first book in a new series from Australian author Justin D'Ath - and it is a very promising start to a series that blends together action, adventure, mystery, danger, and kids pulling out all the stops to do what they believe in (and even succeeding).  Justin has a deft hand with his writing, and although his writing style is to use little words and use them well, he has a knack for keeping the action moving and the characters growing, without throwing lots of big words and complicated plot twists at you - it is a pure story, one that is easy to get absorbed in right from the start.

While the story does seem to be pitched at the 8 - 12 year old 'tween market, I thoroughly enjoyed it and there are going to be older readers who also enjoy the action and drama - if you know a teen who is struggling with reading and wanting something to enjoy that is not babyish then suggest they give this book a try, or one of the other series that D'Ath has written in recent years.  A quick read with substance.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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