Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rise by Anna Carey

Rise is the final book in the Eve trilogy and follows on from Eve and Once - and as such this review contains ***SPOILERS***.  If you like to read series in order then read Eve and Once before reading anymore of this review.

Time has passed for Eve since Caleb died, but his death has left a heavy weight in her heart - a weight made heavier by the mask she must wear in public.  At times the mask can slip, but only when she is around her husband and around the rebel leader known as Moss.  It is a difficult time, a time of balancng in two worlds and making decisions that will have consequences for Eve, for her family, and for the country her father has rebuilt with an iron hand over the past few decades.

Life in the Palace is pleasant enough, but the presence of the Lieutenant makes it a dangerous place to be, and each time Eve catches him in conversation with her father she feels more than a little uneasy.  Her sense of unease grows when Moss gives her the means to kill her father, a death that is necessary for the regime to fall and a new America to grow, but it is also a very personal choice that will leave the blood of her father on her hands.  When she is forced to flee the city, she finds herself supporting a group of sometimes unwilling escapees who are a burden on her already stretched resources, and a stress she doesn't need at a time when she is already feeling vulnerable and desperate.

Rise is the final book in the Eve trilogy and provides a satisfying and logical end to the series, an ending that is somewhat predictable - but also not quite what you might be expecting.  Dystopian novels are a huge genre right now, and some of them take a very dark turn looking at the worst of human nature, this trilogy doesn't take that path and instead blends together action, drama, and a little bit of romance in a dysfunctional and tightly controlled world.  This is more one for the girls than the guys as the strong female voice of Eve is what drives the story forward and there is not enough action and intrigue to fully appeal to the male audience - however there will be exceptions to the rule and it is a well written novel so that will make a difference for some of the boys out there.

Carey has a good writing voice and has the ability to keep the story moving at a good pace, and hopefully she will write more books in the future as she is an emerging talent that is able to balance the personal voices and stories of her characters with the need to create a world that challenges them to face their inner (and outer) demons.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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