Sunday, June 16, 2013

Goose by Laura Wall

Sophie likes to do lots of different things- but it's no fun when she does them by herself.  At the park she wants to do things, but there is no one to play with so she ends up doing them by herself.  Then one day she goes to the park and finds a rather unusual friend to play with - a goose!  Sophie and Goose have lots of fun together, but then one day Goose's friends fly over head and it is time for Goose to fly away.  Sophie is lonely when her new friend leaves, but it may not be forever.

There are some very simple books out there that are purely and simply charming and Goose is one of them.  Sophie could be any little girl in any city in the world (as long as they have geese and playgrounds) and her story will ring true for lots of different children - but Goose isn't an imaginary friend, Goose is a friend that brings some brightness into Sophie's life.  I loved this book and it's simply message and illustration style.  One for sharing for sure, and one that should read well as an out loud book.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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