Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fractured by Teri Terry

Fractured is the sequel to Slated, and because of that this review contains ***SPOILERS***.  If you prefer to read a series in order then stop reading now until you have read Slated.

A person who has been slated is supposed to have a clean slate, their past is supposed to be removed completely, and they are supposed to be incapable of violence.  Kyla now knows that what is supposed to be and what actually is are two completely separate things.  When Wayne attacked her part of her was released, something that should have been gone forever - part of her true self that survived the slating process.  She is confused and feels pulled in different directions - in one direction she is the Slated girl Kyla, and in the other direction she is Rain.  At times it feels as though she is fractured beyond repair, because not only does she has memories from Rain, she also seems to be remembering things about Lucy.

With her life fractured into three sets of memories, and more than one mixed emotion, Kyla is also confronted with conflicting loyalties.  Should she be loyal to Nico, the man from her past who expects her to be a good little soldier, to fight for the cause that would label her a terrorist in the eyes of the law.  Maybe she should just stay Kyla, and be loyal to the woman that she has come to really care for, the woman she calls mother.  There is also the added complication of the Lorders and Dr. Lysander who all seem to have expectations of her - expectations that may lead her down a path that she is not ready to travel yet.  It is a confusing time, and with so much of her past coming to the surface, Kyla is slowly but surely unravelling, caving in to the pressure around her, making choices that she may regret - if she lives long enough that is.

Fractured is the sequel to Slated and I was very much looking forward to reading it as the first book in the series was original, dark, and a shining example of a well thought out dystopian future in the making.  I did find it a little hard to get into the story in the beginning, but as is often the case this was simply because it has been nearly a year since I read Slated and even good books get a little hazy after such a long gap between novels.  Kyla has continued to develop as a realistic and engaging heroine and I am now eagerly awaiting the final book in the trilogy to see what happens.  The subplots that slowly trickle into the story over the course of the book lead to an explosive conclusion that is even more of a cliffhanger than Slated

A well written and absorbing story, one that leaves you wondering what twist and turn is coming next, and who the "bad guys" are.  As Kyla learns more about her past we also learn the depths to which some people will sink to reach their goals - no matter what the human cost may be.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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