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Breaking point by Kristen Simmons

Breaking point is the sequel to Article 5 so there will be ***SPOILERS*** in this review if you have not already read Article 5.  If you like reading series in order then read Article 5 first.

In what seemed like an impossible move Ember Miller and Chase Jennings escaped certain death at the hands of the Federal Bureau of Reformation (FBR) and they have taken shelter with the Resistance.  Everything feels very strange, but they have settled into an uneasy routine, one that is shattered when a sniper starts killing soldiers and Ember ends up on a highly publicised list of suspects - a list that is painting a target on her back for any soldier to take a shot at her, and for any civilian to turn her in for a reward.  It is a desperate time, and with the  FBR squeezing the marginalised it seems like it is only a matter of time until Ember is caught and turned over to the authorities.

It should be a terrifying time, Ember should be watching the shadows and be ready to run - but instead she is more determined than ever to fight her own battles and take her fair share of the danger.  When a new recruit appears in the Resistance headquarters, Ember and Chase are immediately on the defensive because the new recruit is someone from their past, someone that immediately has them on edge.  With the word Sniper hanging over her head it is only a matter of time before Ember has to deal with her past, and with the lies that have been told - by her, and by people around her.  As Ember, Chase, and Sean push forward with their plan to rescue Rebecca, they realise that nothing is what it seems, and there really may be no one they can truly trust - except for each other.

Breaking point is the sequel to Article 5, one of those books that took a little while for me to get into but thoroughly enjoyed once I was well into the story.  One of the most interesting aspects of this story is that it is not some far distant dystopian future where it has been centuries since the cataclysmic event happened, instead what you are experiencing is the change from a war torn country into a truly dystopian future.  Through Ember and Chase you experience the small changes that over time make the control of the state more intense, as it becomes a crime not to do something, but to instead be something.  The religious links in the story are fascinating, especially as real effort is often made to separate the State and the Church in most of our current societies.  Article 5 and Breaking point really do raise the issue of what could happen if someone who was extremely religious came into power and took over a government.

Breaking point continues on immediately after Article 5 so if you have not read the first book, or if it has been some time since you read the first book then it may take a chapter or two for you to fully immerse yourself back into the story.  One of the strongest features of Article 5 and Breaking point are the strong characters and the relationships between those characters - no one in this world is perfect, and they make some very realistic and human mistakes.  From what I can tell Article 5 is a trilogy so bring on book three so we can all see how the series ends!

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