Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Web of lies by Jennifer Estep

Web of lies is the second book in the Elemental assassin novel series and there are ***SPOILERS*** in this review if you have not already read book one, Spider's bite, so don't read any further unless you are prepared to come across some ***SPOILERS***

Since she retired from the game and hung up her knives, Gin Blanco has been playing the role of store owner and eternal student very convincingly - to the point where two young idiots decide that the Pork Pit is the perfect target for a robbery.  Taking out two young punks isn't much of a challenge, even if one of them does have some elemental magic to call upon, but stopping them creates more than a small headache for Gin when daddy dearest decides to play hardball to keep his son out of jail.  A little harassment is nothing Gin can't handle, but when someone tries to assassinate one of her customers in an attack she thought was aimed at her, Gin begins to realise that maybe the Spider shouldn't stay in retirement after all, that her skills as an assassin may just help her be one of the good guys for a change - especially in the eyes of one Detective Donovan Caine.

The months since Fletcher died have been kind of lonely for Gin, despite the company she gets from spending time with Sophia and Finn, but nothing makes her happier than spending time with Detective Caine, and when they are both drawn into the case of protecting Violet Fox and her grandfather it looks as though things might be looking up for Gin.  With the bad guys prepared to use deadly force, including attacking a young girl like Violet, it looks as though Gin's unique talents for providing a swift and painless (or sometimes not so painless) death are in dire need again.  Things also look really promising when Detective Caine doesn't back down from the case even though he knows Gin is looking for a final solution to the problem of Tobias Dawson.

Web of lies builds on the strengths of Spider's bite and I look forward to reading more of the series as I read them around other things that are waiting to be read and reviewed.  Estep has a deft touch for blending together magic, action, adventure, and mystery with just a little bit of sex on the side to keep everyone happy.  It does appear that this series is published under two different titles as this book is also published as Spider's web.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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