Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Agent 21: Reloaded by Chris Ryan

It has been over a year since Zak Darke became Agent 21, and he has already survived his first operation - but the training has not stopped.  Raf and Gabs are still pushing him, still testing him, and still teaching him the skills he needs to survive as an agent, and he is going to need them because he is about to go on his first truly solo mission.  Agent 21 is off to Africa, to intercept a diamond shipment that is destined to fund terrorist actions, a mission that will bring him into contact with some of the nastiest people on the planet, people who genuinely enjoy torture, power, and murder.  For the first time he will be working solo, and has strict orders to be careful who he trusts - orders that may lead him into more trouble than he can handle.  Someone is keeping secrets from Agent 21, and the worst of which is that his cousin Ellie may be in serious trouble, because she is a target for someone who badly wants revenge against Agent 21.

Reloaded is the second Agent 21 novel and continues on from the first, with Zak throwing himself into his training to become the best agent he can be, although he is a little bit haunted by the fall out from his first mission and the fact that he had to turn on his friend.  He is oblivious to the fact that his cousin Ellie is in danger, and you sort of get the sense that he would try and do something if he knew.  Agent 21 is definitely in the same vein as other junior spy series out there, but it feels more real than some of the other series, probably because so much of the action is based around things Zak does rather than the gadgets he uses or the neat "tricks" he uses.  There is also, unfortunately, a sense of formula and writing to a style, but the books is well written enough, and the pace keeps up strongly enough that it is not too noticeable.

Another great adventure from Chris Ryan, and another great read for boys and anyone else who likes a good adventure stories with bad guys, good guys, explosions, treachery, twisted storylines and guns blazing.  Don't expect too much high brow literature, and you will thoroughly enjoy this action packed romp.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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