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Redemption point by Candice Fox

Redemption Point is the sequel to Crimson Lake and to get the most out of this series you have to read them in order - so read Crimson Lake before you read Redemption Point or anymore of this review as it contains ***SPOILERS*** - you have been warned.

Crimson Lake appears to be a quiet little town, but it seems as though appearances can be deceiving - something former police detective Ted Conkaffrey is discovering all too quickly.  Since his arrest and trial for a crime he didn't commit, a trial that didn't exonerate him, he has lived in self imposed exile in the small town which suits him just fine for the time being.  When he and his boss are called in to investigate a double murder it is rather uncomfortable - for everyone other than his boss Amanda that is, noting seems to phase Amanda.  The family has called them in at the start of the investigation, which means that Ted and Amanda are having to dance around the cops who despise both of them, treading on toes and trying to curry favour to get the information they need.

Just when Ted should be concentrating on the case he finds his own past coming back to haunt him - or his alleged past anyway.  Finally agreeing to do an interview seems like a good idea, but it turns out that the media never play fair when ratings are at stake and his name is going to be dragged through the mud again.  Despite growing pressure from his supporters and loyal listeners of the Innocent Ted podcasts there are plenty of people who think that Ted is the scum he is portrayed to be, and when he finds himself saddled with two "babysitters" who work for a notorious criminal from his police past it doesn't go down so well with some people - including his soon to be ex-wife.  When an unexpected ally turns up, if they can be called that at all, Ted starts making some surprising discoveries that could lead him to the real culprit.

I loved the first book in this series and I was really looking forward to reading Redemption Point, but also dreading it too because so often a powerful book like Crimson Lake makes it almost impossible to write a good follow up - but I needed have been worried because Redemption Point was everything it should be and nothing it shouldn't.   Once again Candice Fox has thrown us into the deep end that is the life of a disgraced cop who has to interact, and even work alongside, the small town police who see him as the lowest of the low for doing unspeakable acts while wearing the badge.  With very few friends and allies to call upon in his new home town, it is not surprising that he has developed some interesting quirks that make him all the more human as a character.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Redemption Point is how everything starts spiraling out of control for Ted, but not in the expected ways.  This is a meaty story that is both divided and joined, with Ted following his story and his leads, Amanda following their case, the Police working on the investigation and including/excluding Amanda as they see fit, and the story that happens in Sydney in the past and the present.  This is a deeply satisfying read, and the ending was both expected and unexpected, and leaves a big space for another book in the series - but also, at the same time, provides story loops and spirals that also close several parts of the story off.  Any book that has me talking in riddles and code has to be good!  An amazing read that I devoured in a single afternoon because I could not put it down.

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