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Fifty fifty by James Patterson and Candice Fox

Fifty fifty is the third book in the Detective Harriet Blue series which started with Black & Blue (Bookshots) and Never Never.  To avoid ***SPOILERS***, and for greatest enjoyment, I highly recommend reading the other books in the series before reading this review.

Detective Harry Blue has been living life in a weird limbo ever since she got back from her last assignment.  To everyone else she is the volatile and temperamental detective who can go off at any moment, a trait that everyone think she shares with her brother.  Harry is focused on proving that her brother is innocent and getting him out of jail - not easy when her fellow detectives are convinced they have their man, and that trial by media has convinced the public that he is guilty before the trial even begins.  When her temper gets the better of her and she lashes out, Harry finds herself bundled up and shipped off to the middle of nowhere to get her out of the way and prevent her from making a life changing mistake.

The sleepy little town of Last Chance Valley almost seems too small to have any real problems, there are only 75 people living in the town and everyone seems content to live in the small town for their entire lives.  There are a few teenagers that take the chance as soon as they can and leave for the 'big smoke' as soon as they can, but the single police officer based in the town has been mostly able to cope - until now.  Someone has big plans for Last Chance Valley, a detailed manifesto has been found that is full of notes about spree killers - what drove them to kill, how they planned their attacks, and what made them succesful.  

When Harry is welcomed to the town with a rather spectacular explosion and a first victim it becomes clear that the killer is real, and when the town decides that they already know who the killer is Harry has her work cut out for her as she tries to prevent small town justice.  Saddled with a partner who thinks that he knows everything and who is determined to see terrorists around every corner, Harry is in a race against time to prevent not just another death - but the death of the entire town. Everyone has their secrets in a small town, and sometimes those secrets turn deadly - especially for outsiders.

This is the third book in the Detective Blue series and the second full length novel and I love this series even more now that I have read Fifty fifty.  My favourite Patterson series is the Detective Michael Bennett series, and the Detective Harriet Blue series is now a firm second favourite - not only because of the character, but also because Patterson and Fox have found a seamless writing style that drags you into the story and keeps you rooting for Harry even when you know you really shouldn't!  If you enjoy reading this series then I highly recommend trying Crimson Lake by Candice Fox, which was released between Never Never and Fifty fifty - it is highly readable and sucks you into the story in much the same way as a James Patterson thriller does.

It was a long, slow, agonising wait for Fifty fifty when I heard it was coming, and then it was almost over too quickly because I couldn't put it down once I started.  This is a highly readable series, and it was nice to read a book set in our part of the world, even if it was across the ditch in Australia.  All we need now to make this series perfect is for Harry to be sent on a joint task force assignment to New Zealand!

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