Monday, August 21, 2017

Dark water by Robert Bryndza

Dark water is the third book in the Detective Foster series and while you can read it alone I highly recommend reading the series in order for best enjoyment and to avoid **SPOILERS*** - so start with The girl in the ice and then The night stalker.

DCI Erika Foster and her team are looking for drugs that were hastily dumped in a quarry lake when they stumble across something unexpected - the skeletal remains of a child.  It is an unexpected discovery that quickly escalates when Erika learns that the remains belong to Jessica Collins, who disappeared over twenty years ago on her way to a birthday party.  The discovery of the remains means Jessica's disappearance has gone from a cold case to a red hot one, and even though she is now deals with drug cases Erika is determined to be part of the case, and uses her connections to elbow her way into the lead investigator role for the team. 

It is a daunting task, especially after all this time, and the case has been tainted by the failure of the lead detective at the time who has now slunk away into obscurity.  Erika is determined to solve the case and prove herself as missing out on promotion has stung in more ways than one.  Bringing in some of her trusted former colleagues will help with the case, but Erika doesn't realise that her team is facing not only a mountain of evidence that may lead nowhere - there is also someone who will stop at nothing to prevent them from learning the truth.  Untangling the web of secrets, half truths and outright lies will take time, and while the case was cold, Erika is now in a race against time to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance and death of little Jessica Collins.

This is an enjoyable series, and the author has continued to develop and grow his characters while also growing in his skills as an author.  This has been my favourite book of the series so far because for the first time we get to connect with Erika outside of the office because of her relationship with her family, and her new relationships with her colleagues.  The first two books were an introduction and to keep the story moving the details of her life were a little sketchy and roughly outlined, but here it feels more like we are really getting to know the real Erika (which was something of a treat).  I wasn't expecting to like this series quite so much, but I am now waiting for book four to arrive so I can see what happens next.

If Bryndza continues to hone his skills as a writer, and continues to write psychological thrillers that you can sink your teeth into then he has a bright future as an author because his books are readable but also challenge you to think about what you are reading, and challenge you to guess how things are going to end.  A very good read, and I recommend trying to read it in a single sitting so you don't miss any of the clues along the way!

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