Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The witnesses (ebook) by James Patterson and Brendan Dubois

Retired police man and 9/11 survivor Ronald Temple knows that there is something suspicious about the family that has moved into the house next door.  They didn't arrive with a moving truck full of furniture and their old life - they arrived in hurry with only a few personal possessions.  Suspicious enough, but when you take their hulking (not to mention armed) companion into account it makes Ronald even more suspicious about what is happening the little house next door where neither of the children play outside and everyone stays away from the windows.

Things are just as tense inside the little house as the Sanderson family would rather be anywhere else than crammed together in a small house in nowhere New York.  Lance and Teresa are keeping secrets from their children Sam and Sandy - but that's okay because the kids are keeping secrets too!  What is going on with the Sanderson family, and who are the killers targeting?

This is one of the stranger Bookshots I have read because in a lot of ways it doesn't feel like your typical Bookshot, being a little more twisted and clever than most - but I did enjoy reading it and finished it in one sitting.  One of the best things about the Bookshot in ebook form is that I can download them and read them on my smartphone when I am on the bus or eating lunch - times when a full sized book would just get in the way.  An interesting read, and one that has a very satisfying ending if you manage to figure it out before the 'big reveal'.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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