Friday, June 16, 2017

The verdict (ebook) by James Patterson and Robert Gold

Working as the Global Head of Security for Tribeca Luxury Hotels means that Jon Roscoe has a mandate to ensure the absolute privacy and security of the guests at the chains luxury hotels all around the world.  Sometimes it's easier said than done, especially when one of the guests residing in the hotel is attending London's Old Bailey every day, charged with the attempted murder of his lover. 

It's all Roscoe can do to keep the press off the hotel grounds, especially one particularly aggressive member of the press who keeps testing his patience at every turn - and it doesn't help that Harvey Rylands is used to getting what he wants, and has no concern for the people who have to clean up after his messes.  With all the stress at work the last thing Roscoe needs is stress at home, but his teenage son Martin seems to have other plans.

The verdict was an exciting read, is a great addition to the Bookshots series, and an excellent companion to Kidnapped which also features Jon Roscoe.  This is the first Bookshots I have read as an ebook, and in some ways it was more exciting and tense than reading the tree book version because it was harder to tell how close to the end I was which naturally helped ramp up the tension!

I haven't read all the Bookshots because some of them have not appealed that much, or because I have started reading them and didn't like them that much - but Patterson and Gold seem to have struck gold (no pun intended) with this writing partnership.  I have read all of their Bookshots and thoroughly enjoyed them, and I look forward to each new one in the way that I look forward to the Patterson/Ledwidge outing.  There is a lot to like here and this series is a great way to start your Bookshots journey if you haven't tried one yet!
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Reviewed by Brilla

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