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New guard by Robert Muchamore

New guard is the seventeenth book in the CHERUB series and while it can be enjoyed on it's own it is much better to either start at the very beginning with The recruit, or start at the beginning of the second series with People's republic.

Life is never boring when you are CHERUB agent, but you also never know what mission might be around the corner.  When twins Leon and Daniel take the law into their own hands and help deal with a paedophile they find themselves on the receiving end of the harshest punishment in known CHERUB history - they can take it or they can quit.  It seems as though the second option might be the lesser of two evils when they find themselves involved in a new mission that soon grows to include their older brother Ryan.

The twins simple discover and assess mission is far from simple - they have stumbled across a link between a local criminal and Islamic State.  James Adams may be a former CHERUB agent himself but even he is not fully prepared for the black mission they are about to embark on behind enemy lines.  Everyone involved in this mission has to be prepared for torture and death, because if they are captured they are officially without country or support.  As the former and present CHERUB agents prepare for the biggest mission of their lives it seems as though the odds are stacked against them.

This is a truly challenging book to review because I don't want to give away too many spoilers!

CHERUB is one of my favourite series for older children and teenagers so I was totally shocked to discover that New guard is being advertised as the last book in the CHERUB series!  It feels like I am losing some of my favourite characters because over the past decade the CHERUB books have been so hugely popular and because I have waited for each book to come out with eager anticipation.  If this truly is the last book in the CHERUB series then Muchamore has delivered an end to the series that is both satisfying and leaves you wanting some more - he delivers his usual high octane thrills and spills, and this time manages to truly blend together the past and present with CHERUB agents new and newly decommissioned coming together as a kind of super CHERUB that gets stuck in to get the job done.  

If this truly is the end of the series then Muchamore has done an amazing job of bringing together the two separate strands of the story (James and co and then Ryan and co) into a single finale that is truly worthy of the name CHERUB.  As an adult reading the series it was also kind of nice to see what happened to the former CHERUB agents as they moved into their adult lives - something you don't often get to see with series for children and teenagers.

The complete CHERUB series in order is:
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  • Guardian angel by Robert Muchamore
  • Black Friday by Robert Muchamore
  • Lone wolf by Robert Muchamore

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