Sunday, August 21, 2016

Meg nightstalkers by Steve Alten

Meg Nightstalkers is the fifth book in the Meg series so this review contains ***SPOILERS*** if you have not read the first four books in the series.  This is a series that can be read independently, but you get the most out of the series when you read them in order - so I recommend that you start with MegThe trenchPrimal waters and Hell's aquarium.

It seems as though the Taylor family is destined to be at the mercy of prehistoric creatures thought long extinct.  What started with a single megaladon who devoured her mate to escape the confines of the secret world has become a saga across generations as first Jonas Taylor and then his son David have been forced to face off against prehistoric creatures that have no fear of man and no natural predators in the modern world.  Having lost decades to the sharks Jonas is now an old man plagued with the challenges of age and a seemingly never ending cycle of lawsuits and dramas from "his" sharks.  

His son David has also tasted the pain of watching a loved one die in prehistoric jaws and it has changed him.  After a failed suicide attempt he has decided to go after the monsters that have surfaced from the depths of the ocean - including the monster that took his girlfriend right in front of him.  He is determined to get what he wants, a single minded focus that could cost him his life.  As he chases his monsters he has no idea that his father is also on a collision course with fate - because another leviathan from the distant past has found its way free to wreak havoc on the world.  

I have often said that this series is my guilty little secret - mostly because everything about it is pretty much against what I would normally read.  I read science fiction, but not usually anything as technical as this, and I usually don't like anything that is overly "explainy" or descriptive.  This series shouldn't work, it has a far fetched premise that seems to get more far fetched with each book - but it just seems to work.  

They have just started filming for the adaptation of the first book in the series and we have been promised at least one more book in the series, Meg generations, so it looks like I will get to indulge my guilty little secret for a little while longer at least!

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