Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sisters of salt and iron by Kady Cross

Sisters of salt and iron is the sequel to Sisters of blood and spirit and this is one series where you really need to read them in order - so before you read Sisters of salt and iron or any more of this review read Sisters of blood and spirit!

Life has been a little surreal for Lark and Wren recently - no mean feat considering their very existence is surreal.  Lark has a group of friends and a boyfriend, something a social pariah like her shouldn't expect - talking to your dead sister and ending up in the loony bin tends to really damage a teenage girls reputation.  The most surreal part is that her circle of friends not only accepts Wren, but also embrace her as one of their friends too.  Not surprising considering everything they went through together because of Haven Crest and a particularly nasty ghost.

With Halloween just around the corner things are getting interesting for Lark and Wren, not only are they experiencing weird little jolts, but they are also seeing more and more ghosts.  For Lark all the ghosts are a bit of a challenge, especially when they turn up at school and realise she can see and hear them.  For Wren it is discovering Noah, a ghost from Haven Crest that fills a need she never knew she had - a boyfriend and circle of friends of her own.  As dark forces once again threaten Lark, Wren, and their friends they need to untangle the mystery before innocent parties are hurt or even worse, killed.  As they search for answers they discover secrets about their own family - secrets that could destroy them or set them free.

I love the world of Lark and Wren, not only because Cross has such an unusual ghost mythology, but also because she balances the characters and storyline so well.  Too much attention on the characters would slow this series down and bog it down in detail, too much attention on the action and mythology would make it difficult to connect with the characters - here we have a fantastic blend of characters and story that takes turns leading the dance so you are never bored or distracted.  This series won't appeal to everyone, but it is a great read and I hope that we don't have to wait too long for the next book in the series!

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