Friday, July 22, 2016

Heist by James Patterson and Rees Jones

Baz, Alex, and Charlotte had a plan to get the diamonds and get the money they need, but on the day their plan goes sideways when another gang tries to steal their diamonds.  A brief bloody fight later and they are on the run with the bad guys hot on their trail.  They stole the wrong the diamonds from the wrong person and he wants them back, and he is not afraid to fight dirty.  Weeks away from retirement Detective Inspector Andrew Hill decides to liven up his last days by taking on the case, and begins an international chase for the fugitives - but he is not the only one hunting for them.

Heist is part of the Bookshots series and because it is such a compact story it is really challenging to review it without any spoilers!  James Patterson has a knack for writing action packed stories that are driven by action and characters, and when he finds the wright co-author it is like magic.  Of all the partnerships he has had I have always liked his collaborations with Michael Ledwidge best as they have a really seamless style and great writing chemistry - and I feel the same way about the writing chemistry between Patterson and Rees Jones.  They are yet to write a full length novel together, but the Bookshots with Patterson and Jones working together are my favourite so far!

Bookshots have a wide variety of books in the series - some tie in with other full novel series, while others are stand alone novellas.  Heist is a stand alone novella which means you can dive in with no background and enjoy with no strings attached!  Here's hoping there are many more Patterson and Jones collaborations to come as they have a great writing chemistry with strong characters and fast paced action filled scenes.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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