Sunday, March 20, 2016

The invisible by Amelia Kahaney

The invisible is the sequel to The brokenhearted so there are ***SPOILERS*** if you have not read the first book in the series.  This is a series where it really pays to read them in order so read The brokenhearted before you read anymore of this review. 

It starts small as these things always do - a tragic accident at a horse that seems peculiar rather than dangerous - but it was just the start.  The Invisible have arrived along with his group of supporters who seem determined to remind the ultra rich that they are still vulnerable, that they are not immune to the dark and danger of the world.  The annoyance of the videos demanding people hand money over to the poor is soon replaced with the tragedy of death and the threat of more violence and death.  The richest residents of Bedlam City are nervous and watching over their shoulders, waiting for the next threat and the next act of violence.

Anthem is just discovering how far her new heart can take her, the extra power her mechanical heart gives her is amazing, but she has to remain vigilant to her bodies new needs.  During the day at school and during her ballet classes Anthem has to stay in control, always careful not to move too fast or jump too high - but at night she can push her body to the limits and see what she is really capable of.  It is a rush to know she can run so fast that she is almost invisible, but what starts as a test of her own skills becomes essential skills when the Invisible's gang starts to take lives.  Decades before the Hope was a source of hope in a city that desperately needed it, and as Anthem has become the New Hope.  Anthem is on a crash course to discover her past, her present, and her future and she can only hope that she comes out the other side intact - because not everyone will.

I was really enjoyed reading The brokenhearted, and when the library only got the ebook copy of The invisible instead of a tree book copy i made the leap and read my first ever ebook 'cover to cover'.  The invisible was a great read, and I think in some ways the experience was actually heightened by reading the ebook because there were none of the usual visual clues telling me how far through the book I was so I got to enjoy the story more (rather than going I'm 1/4 through, 1/2 through, 3/4 through).  The book itself was of course also an excellent read and follows seamlessly on from The brokenhearted.  

Anthem and her world is one that deserves to be discovered, and if you enjoyed book one then buckle up for book two which is also fast paced - and by reading all the way through you get to discover some rather mind blowing facts about Anthem and her family.  At times Kahaney stretches your ability to suspend belief about what Anthem and Ford are capable of, but it is a good stretch rather than a sharp snap.  A great series and if there are no more to come then hopefully Kahaney continues to write in this blend of science fiction/thriller/drama.

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